Media: Zeitgeist - Nokia offers true high rollers the opportunity to be king of bling with the £17,000 Vertu

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Know how irritating it can be to reach the end of the week and find you still have £17,000 in loose change jangling in your pockets? Well, Zeitgeist thinks it has found a way of lightening your load.

We'd go further than that - we would suggest the Vertu mobile phone handset from Nokia, especially the platinum one (retailing at £17,050), is really starting to sort sheep from goats in a major way.

According to the Nokia bumf, the Vertu handset's cool lustre and distinctive weight (no, we're not sure what that means either) exudes substance and style. Apparently, it is also filled with cunning bits you will not find in your average mobile too.

Phone as jewellery and status tag is an idea whose time has come, according to Nokia and its new agency, WCRS, and when you realise that the Vertu range actually has models as cheap as a paltry £3,500, who can gainsay them?

The thing: Nokia Vertu

The bling: Hallmarked precious-metal casings

The sting: Up to £17,050


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