Meet Marielle de Jong, FrieslandCampina

Marielle de Jong is marketing director at FrieslandCampina

Marielle de Jong, marketing director at FrieslandCampina
Marielle de Jong, marketing director at FrieslandCampina

Brands controlled?
Campina and Yazoo.

What are your main priorities over the next 12 months?
To stimulate the further growth of Yazoo, we repositioned the brand last year and we will work on bringing it to the next level this year.

Agencies used?
WFCA for creative, media and digital and Mercieca for PR and trade communication.

What are the main criteria you use when selecting an agency?
Passion for and true understanding of the brand. With both our agencies we have a long-lasting relationship and they own Yazoo as much as we do.

Any advice to agencies operating in an economic downturn?
Stay close to your core competences and nurture the relationships you have.

Most enjoyable campaign to date?
That's always the last campaign I did. In this case, our new Yazoo brand positioning in Ireland earlier this year.

Has your media strategy changed since last year's merger of Campina and Friesland Foods?
On a country level it hasn't, because Friesland Foods did not have a branded presence in the UK, so for us it's business as usual. In Germany and the Netherlands, where both companies have a strong branded presence, a reshuffle did take place.

How has your career background prepared you for your current role?
I started in various product manage­ment roles in FMCG, then worked at Philips lifestyle in product develop­ment and as marketing manager in Russia. I then joined Campina in the Netherlands and moved to the UK in November. I believe foreign assign­ments act as a pressure cooker on your skill development, forcing you to revalue your beliefs and actions. This flexibility is an asset you can use for almost everything that follows.

Medium can't you live without?
I don't have a favourite - the right mix is always the most important thing. However, TV advertising for FMCGs is still a very effective medium.

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