MG Rover gets racy with debut viral marketing push

LONDON - MG Rover is promising a touch of racy humour in its first online viral marketing campaign, starring model and celebrity Emma B.

The campaign pushes the MG sports car marque and is being run by the consultancy TTR2i. In the ad, created by Digital Media Communications, Emma B appears to be "servicing" a demanding Latin lover beside his gleaming new MG sports car.

The film is only available online and invites viewers to click through to the MG Rover site.

The film, which is called 'pump', can be seen on the TTR2i site. As well as maximising the spread of the campaign, the consultancy will track the impact it has on brand awareness.

In the ad Emma B and her Latin lover are racing down a country road in their MG when they have to pull over to fix a flat tyre. Being Latin the man stands back while Emma B takes a pump from the boot and goes to work. However, the way it is shot makes it looks like she is going down on her boyfriend, who waves to two passing gay men as he leans against the car.

Steve Robertson, marketing manager for MG Rover Group, said: "We decided to use the power of online viral marketing to help raise awareness of our MG sports car range. In particular, we're aiming to reach the gadget-fuelled, culture-driving online male audience and we specifically commissioned a humorous web-exclusive film to help us achieve this aim."

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