Moving on up: Anthony Lukom, MySpace

Anthony Lukom is the UK country manager at MySpace, tasked with driving UK business growth and operations. Before joining MySpace, Lukom held the positions of director, strategic alliances group and head of search commercial strategy at AOL Europe. Lukom joined MySpace in September 2007 and has very recently taken up the UK country manager role.

- What does your new position involve?

I am responsible for spearheading the growth and operations of MySpace's UK business.

- What new marketing initiatives can advertisers expect from MySpace this year?

MySpace has always been focused on self-expression, personalisation, creativity and discovery. Over the next year, our opportunities for advertisers will reflect these core business values and will span marketing initiatives across our entire platform, including music, video, product and mobile.

- What is your greatest challenge in this role?

As we move towards a more social web, it is my challenge to ensure MySpace UK continues its evolution as a personal, portable and collaborative social destination.

- How does your experience prepare you?

Having worked in the digital space for the past seven years, I'm used to this ever-evolving, fast-paced industry. I have been able to play a big part in creating innovative partnerships and growing advertising revenues throughout my career and I plan to do the same for MySpace UK.

- Why should brands be excited about marketing on MySpace?

We have a rich history in innovating creative advertising solutions for brands and were the first to invent the branded community concept at launch. In fact, 80 of the top 100 global brands are already working with MySpace to create and execute highly interactive, customisable campaigns for our 105 million global active users.

- How does MySpace differentiate itself from other social networks?

MySpace is the only global social destination for connecting people, content and culture. Its tools allow users to have a completely personalised experience while being connected to a worldwide community. We are more than twice the size of our nearest competitor, with more than 105 million people actively using our site each month. We are also localised in 23 countries and in 13 languages - ensuring we have people on the ground who understand the cultural differences and our users' needs.