Mozilla's Mitchell Baker warns of Google and Apple dominating mobile web

Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell Baker has warned that allowing Google and Apple to dominate the mobile web will hold back diversity and inventiveness.

Mozilla: launching own mobile operating system
Mozilla: launching own mobile operating system

Speaking at Campus Party Europe, Baker said Mozilla was launching its own operating system, because the mobile web was currently not "built of the DNA that made the internet so explosive" in its early days

She said: "Google and Apple are great companies, I know many of the people there and I like them, but humanity is much more diverse and our inventiveness is much more diverse than any two companies will ever be able to accommodate."

Non-profit Mozilla was not focusing on being the third-biggest company within the mobile operating system space, said Baker, but instead wanted to make the web as open on mobile as it is on desktop.

She added that the dominance of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems ran the risk of repeating the mistakes of the past, citing Microsoft as an example.

Baker said: "After Microsoft became dominant, then the openness of the web was being sucked back into the commercial stack of Microsoft."

She said: "The reason that change occurs so quickly and diversely on the internet is because of the fundamental DNA of the internet. The internet was built to be open and it was built on interoperability.

"Imagine if Skype had to go to all the internet service providers in the world and say 'I want to do voice over the internet' – it never would have happened."

Mozilla aims to place the user rather than platforms such as Facebook or Twitter at the "centre of the experience" with its Firefox operating system.

Baker said: "The important thing is ‘me’ not Twitter or Facebook. I want a home on the internet that is mine".