Nasty Nick-wannabe among mooted Big Brother inmates

LONDON - A gay man who only sleeps with straight men and a man who wants to be the new 'Nasty Nick' are among the contestants who will enter the Big Brother house tonight.

Channel 4 has lined up an eclectic group in the hope that sparks will fly after later year's 'Big Brother' bore.

Other contestants reported to be in the new house include a life model, a Page 3 wannabe, someone who has hand-reared sheep, a psychologist, a former Samaritan and a contestant who plans to cheat in order to become the new Nasty Nick.

Channel 4 is hoping to avoid the boredom of last year's programme, where nerdy Jon Tickle proved to be one of the biggest stars by droning on endlessly about science fiction. The show was eventually won by Scottish fisherman Cameron -- who is now set to present a programme... on fishing.

Earlier reports have said that the contestants for 'Big Brother 5' are to include a witch, a male stripper, a former prostitute and at least two couples. There will be 12 participants in all.

Channel 4 has already revealed that it plans to turn nasty, with a house that is far less stylish than in previous years. It plans to have all the contestants sleep in one dormitory and has taken steps to avoid having them sleep all day long.

It has also installed less comfortable furniture and there are reports that contestants will no longer be able to buy alcohol at will. Instead, there will be a locked booze cabinet, which the housemates will get access to at certain times.

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