The Natural Confectionery Company 'Guzzle Puzzle' by Fallon

The Natural Confectionery Company has launched a campaign to promote its new "Guzzle Puzzle" sweets, which allow consumers to combine two different-flavoured jelly sweets to create a third flavour.

The campaign will roll out across TV, cinema, digital and point-of-sale.

The TV and cinema campaign, by Fallon, is voiced by the comedians Matt Berry and Rupert Degas. In the style of previous TNCC spots, the work features jelly sweets discussing the flavour combinations that they can create when mixed.

It will be followed by a digital campaign developed by Weapon7, which includes a Guzzle Puzzle jukebox and a card game.
Developed by Fallon and Weapon7, the Guzzle Puzzle jukebox allows users to create a new track to accompany the ad.

Housed on YouTube, the user selects a track from a choice of carnival, country, jazz and rap before choosing a vocal from rap, vintage, Spanish and country. Two jelly sweets will then slot together to form a record player. The new track the user creates then starts playing against the ad.

Weapon7 has also created a card game where the aim is to make a pair of the combinations of sweets – lime and cinnamon, for example. Each time a combination is chosen, the resulting flavour will be displayed on the overturned cards. With the "sweet" characters providing a running commentary, the player's aim is to turn over all the combinations.