Nestle cereal ad 'made misleading nutrition claims'

LONDON - The advertising watchdog has banned an ad by McCann Erickson for Nestle breakfast cereals, which made misleading claims over nutritional value.

Nestle...cereals ad breached ad rules
Nestle...cereals ad breached ad rules

The ad's voice-over claimed that experts recommended people eat three servings of wholegrain a day, and that the cereals would help reach this target.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority said the use of the phrase "On your way to three a day" could be confused with the government's target for five portions of fruit a day.

The ASA judgement said: "...we understood that only some experts had recommended that specific amounts of wholegrain should be eaten on a daily basis, and that others, such as the FSA, had made a broader recommendation that people should increase their intake of fibre in general."

The ad received seven complaints, and the ASA ruled the ad should not be shown again.