Nike 'quick turn' by Wieden & Kennedy London

Nike is promoting its new five-a-side football initiative with striking a visual viral campaign, created by Wieden & Kennedy London.

The campaign features five separate executions, which all showcase a particular five-a-side skill, as part of a campaign called "The Deadly 5". The ads all have unusually high production values compared with a standard viral film.

In the ad seen here, a footballer is shown executing a "quick turn" in slow motion. He was shot at 900 frames a second using a Weisscam high-definition rig to achieve this effect.

The original script was written for Chelsea and England footballer Joe Cole, but on the day of the shoot, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho resigned from the club.

The shock resignation led to a press frenzy and in the aftermath, all access to players was immediately cut. A last -minute replacement was found and the scripted dialogue, which required Cole to describe the moves as they were performed, was ditched.

Instead, Michael Williams, Draw Pictures director, created sound effects, such as a touch of the ball or move of the foot, to replace the dialogue and draw attention to certain points in each skill.