Oasis 'cowboy' by Mother London

In keeping with the brand's straight talking no nonsense soft drink positioning, the new creatives juxtapose the taste of Oasis against the perceived "dullness" of water using sketch show style confident humour to position Oasis and its "Chuggable Fruitiness" as the fun way to quench your thirst. The new work will build on the success of the brand's "Chug It" outdoor campaign launched in Summer 2006 aimed at the brand's core audience of 20-35 year old urban men. The term "chug" was first used by the brand in 2006 to describe the unique drinking experience of Oasis. Thanks to the generous size of the Oasis bottleneck and its thirst quenching taste, Oasis is a drink made to "Chug" rather than sip.