Oats So Simple 'make more of your morning' by AMV BBDO

Quaker has launched a new campaign for Oats So Simple sending the Quaker team, armed with celebrities, to say thank you to people who make a difference.

One TV ad features Martin Ball, the director of Valley Community Theatre in Liverpool which aims to get kids from less privileged backgrounds to gain some confidence in themselves. He gets a special thank you from actor Sean Bean.

Another execution features Irfan Malik, the boxing coach who encourages kids in Hounslow to take up boxing and get off the streets.

The Quaker team will be travelling the country in a Quaker fleet of vehicles, stopping in major cities and will partner with local radio stations to find the people from various local communities who demonstrate the brand’s ‘make more of your morning’ attitude - and at the end of each week a special thank you will be given to one person from the community.