Obama site Change.gov adopts CRM software to facilitate citizen feedback

LONDON - Change.gov, the transition website of US president-elect Barack Obama, is using hosted CRM software to facilitate feedback from citizens on the site's Citizen's Briefing Book.

The site was set up after Obama won the election on 4 November to get feedback from US citizens, as a continuation of the digital communication tactics used to help Obama get elected.

Obama's transition team chose the CRM Ideas application produced by Salesforce.com and its consulting partner Reside.

"We are honoured to be one of the first solutions selected by the transition team to help the president-elect realise his vision of a more transparent government," said Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of salesforce.com.  "With Salesforce CRM Ideas, government can transform a closed conversation into a collaborative dialogue that leverages the wisdom of the crowd."

The book comprises the most popular ideas submitted by US citizens through the application and will be delivered directly to the president-elect after his inauguration on Tuesday 20 January.

The site's ‘Open for questions' feature was launched in December, with transition officials responding to some sticky, top-voted questions such as the president-elect's position on stem cell research and legalising marijuana.

Topics include how to revitalize the US economy, protecting America and ending the war in Iraq. 

However the petitioning facility of Change.gov is not unique. In the UK citizens can launch petitions at Number10.gov.uk and when enough people sign on, the Prime Minister's office is compelled to respond.

The inauguration ceremony will be held at 5pm UK time on Tuesday 20 January.