Opel Vauxhall 'astrabatics' by Delaney Lund Knox Warren

Through some stylish synchronised driving and high-flying stunts, the latest Opel Vauxhall Astra campaign by Delaney Lund Knox Warren attempts to show how the car puts the fun back into driving. The execution also heralds the introduction of a new campaign strapline: "Astra. Fall in love with driving again." The spot begins with a man setting off to deliver a letter. However, during his journey to the letterbox he drives the car off the side of a building, handbrake turns around a roundabout with a spinning car in the middle, drives up the walls and around the roof of a tunnel and finishes by jumping through a flaming hoop. The ad ends with him attempting to post the letter, which misses the postbox and lands on the kerb.