Orange 'homies' by Mother

US rapper Snoop Dogg is the latest star to appear in Orange's 65-second "Gold Spot" cinema campaign.

The ad features Snoop recording a track for the end credits of his latest film, only to be abruptly interrupted by Orange executives Dresden & Elliot, who ask if he can consider changing some of his lyrics:

Elliot says: "Mr Dogg, if you could replace the line 'I'm giving mad love by riding with the honeys' with 'gonna pick up my mobile, gonna make some off-peak calls'."

Snoop: "That ain't my stizzle dizzle".

Dresden: "Well I finance this film, gonna do as I lizzle".

The Orange executives then have a stand-off with Snoop's "homies", after which Snoop walks out of the studio, leaving Dresden to record the rap himself.

Previous Orange "Gold Spot" ads have featured Michael Madsen, Mena Suvari, Val Kilmer and Macauly Culkin.