Pamela Anderson back in action for Peta in anti-fur ad

LONDON - Pamela Anderson, one of the number of high-profile anti-fur campaigners, is appearing in a new anti-fur drive in China for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The new campaign sees the former Playboy model Anderson bare her flesh again, this time on phone cards printed by China Telecom and Peta as part of its ongoing campaign against fur, which is also supported by the likes of Heather Mills McCartney.

The campaign has been making life tough for fur-loving celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and earlier this week saw Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, hit with a pie by anti-fur demonstrators at Paris fashion week.

The new Chinese campaign follows a bus shelter ad last year in China, where Anderson appeared almost naked and raised concerns among Chinese censors.

In the ad, the actress and model appears topless showing her back, with an arm partly hiding her right breast. The ads feature the slogan: "Give fur the cold shoulder".

In the background, snow can be seen falling and Chinese characters spell out the message: "Cold shoulders are nothing compared to the pain they feel... Please don't wear fur".

The ad is a toned-down version of the one run last year, which had to be changed three times before censors were happy. Each change to the ad saw the amount of flesh on show reduced.

Around 70,000 of the phone cards have been printed in the latest campaign in China, which has a major fur trade.

"The people of China deserve to know about the immense suffering of animals killed for their fur. Once people know that animals are electrocuted, drowned, bludgeoned to death and sometimes skinned alive, they realise fur is disgusting and that there's nothing luxurious or fashionable about it," Anderson said.

Anderson has also appear in other ads for Peta and recently appeared in a promotional film highlighting the cruelty of the fur trade with graphic images of foxes and mink being trapped and killed as well as the cruelty animals suffer on fur farms.

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