Paper Round (26 April) - a look at the day's newspapers

LONDON - The three main political parties squabble over a potential coalition as a hung parliament looks increasingly likely, according to several national newspapers.

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The Daily Mail claims Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has demanded he is made prime minister if a hung parliament results after election night.

The Guardian leads 'Clegg goes public on coalition - and looks to the Tories' while The Independent reports 'Splits emerge in Labour's election strategy' and writes minister Alan Johnson 'breaks cover to say Labour should not fear a deal with Liberal Democrats'.

The Times claims the Labour party is split over 'Clegg ultimatum' and The Daily Telegraph claims the Tories are focusing on a number of seats in which the Liberal Democrats' rise has left Labour vulnerable.

The Financial Times writes that the parties face 'brutal choices over deficit', while The Daily Express reports on 'fury over 1m illegal migrants' claiming the figure would double 'if Lib Dem Clegg has his way'.

In other political news, children's secretary Ed Balls has been fined for using his mobile phone while driving according to The Sun.

The Daily Star and Daily Express have tied up with Morrisons to offer new DVD release 'Avatar' to readers for the reduced price of £5 if they spend £50 in store.

Topps Match Attax cards are still free with The Sun and replace the paper's holiday offer in a promo panel around the masthead.

A free World War DVD offer continues in the Daily Mail and The Guardian continues its 'UK factfile' series which began on Saturday, with today's pull-out all about crime.

Breitling advertises its watches with The Daily Telegraph while the paper promotes its 'Dr Who' audiobook giveaway.

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