Paul Danan and celebs front NHS Smokefree idents on Five

LONDON - The NHS is sponsoring the 'Celebrity Quitters' series on Five, which follows five celebrities as they try various methods to try to quit smoking.

The NHS Smokefree idents, created by MCBD, feature a spoof celebrity agency which takes bookings for mock-reality shows - such as 'Celebrity Bomb Disposal' and 'Gladiator the Musical' - for celebrity clients who now have the physical stamina to take part since they've quit smoking.

The show on Five follows the day-to-day challenges of 'Birds of a Feather' star Linda Robson, Michelin star chef John Burton Race, ex-'Hollyoaks' actor Paul Danan, TV medium Derek Acorah and model and presenter Chloe Madeley, as they try to quit smoking.