Pepsi Raw goes offline with UK Twitter campaign

LONDON - Pepsi has included a Twitter tag on the can of its newest line of bubbly drinks Pepsi Raw, asking consumers to log-on to the microblogging website and share their thoughts on the soda in 140 characters or less.

Pepsi Raw: Twitter name printed on can
Pepsi Raw: Twitter name printed on can

The @PepsiRaw account is part of a major sampling drive and has been printed on 1.4m cans across the UK.

Created by digital agency GraphicoDMG, the strategy is aimed at increasing dialogue with customers and also integrates a dedicated Pepsi Raw Facebook page, with a featured competition and downloadable coupons.

Pepsi Raw has 150 Twitter followers and 1,250 fans on Facebook.

Pepsi said since May there has been a large number of Pepsi Raw tweets, with more than 95% of them positive. The company said "what has become clear is that consumers are open to conversation - any negative tweets are promptly responded to and often end up becoming positive interactions".

Some Twitter examples include: "I tried it today, it was different, different is good :-), I enjoyed!" and "Mixed opinions. It's nice and light. The after taste is too metallic for my likings. Quite refreshing overall. Verdict: 7/10."

A Facebook fan wrote: "I'm not a fan of either Coke or Pepsi but this Pepsi Raw. I LOVE IT! "

Pepsi Raw is positioned as the 'natural born cola' containing only naturally sourced ingredients.

Alastair Macmichael, group account director at GraphicoDMG said:  "We believe this is the first time a major FMCG brand has put a Twitter address on its product.

"Putting the Twitter url on the cans was a bold move which clearly signalled to potential Pepsi RAW consumers that we wanted to hear from them - to know what they really think."