Phones4U 'great deals for popular people' by Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve has created its first brand campaign for Phones4U since it secured the account from WCRS earlier this year.

Spanning TV, print and digital, the campaign marks the end of the Phones4U hand sign, and sees the brand take a new direction, opting to only let people buy phones in their stores if they have more than 50 numbers on their phone. The campaign utilises this strategy by playing on the idea of popularity.

The posters shows images of popular and unpopular people with a big yes or no sticker on them.

TV ads pastiches famous YouTube videos, such as the guy who throws ping-pong balls into buckets, and rates the popularity of the stars.

In the digital work, you can upload a picture of a friend, and a professional face reader will rate that person’s face and say whether they are popular or not.

Video 1: ping pong

Video 2: yo yo