Pot Noodle 'I wish' by Mother

Pot Noodle will officially launch its new "Pot Noodle says..." marketing campaign on terrestrial television this week with a parody of the 1980s power-ballad.

The ad will make its debut on ITV during the half time interval of the Champions League semi final clash between Liverpool and Chelsea.

The 60-second spot features fictional musical duo, Steve and Digger, who become sentimental and romantic as they wonder why the women they love can't be more like a Pot Noodle snack -- quick and simple.

The "Pot Noodle Says..." campaign was first introduced earlier this month on satellite channels, featuring Digger and Steve performing the 'Moussaka Rap'.

The power ballad is one of several versions directed by Taika Waititi, director of New Zealand undergound comedy hit 'Eagle Vs Shark', which will be released over the course of the year.