Power 100 Next Generation: Bryn Snelson, UK country manager, eHarmony

Marketing, in association with Engine, profiles 30 of the brightest and best young marketers in the UK today.

eHarmony's Bryn Snelson
eHarmony's Bryn Snelson

Background: A former strategy consultant, who switched careers to get closer to the consumer coalface.

CV standout: He relishes the hard work and responsibility. He headed up marketing for two years - handling budgets of £7m across online, PR, social, brand and creative - before being promoted to UK boss.

Proudest project: His part in this year’s repositioning campaign, which challenged single people to think about what makes them who they are and the amazing aspects of being single. ‘This really made our target audience pause and think about their situation and was a huge success story in the UK.’

Advice to even younger self: ‘Share problems earlier and more readily and resist feeling the need to try to solve everything yourself which is ultimately unhealthy.’

Biggest challenge so far: ‘Developing the creative side of my marketing skillset. I come from a numerical and analytical background so it’s out of my natural comfort zone, but I believe you need to be able to span both.’

Brands that inspire you: ‘Brands that add to people’s lives in a meaningful way, beyond just being financially successful. I think Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had a commitment to doing that and I think Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg does as well. Of the new crop of internet businesses, I think AirBnB and Etsy also do.’