Premier League tenders for new broadcast rights

The Premier League is to tender its UK domestic broadcast rights for the 2013/14 to 2015/16 football seasons.

Premier League: football body invites tenders for broadcast rights to matches
Premier League: football body invites tenders for broadcast rights to matches

The football body will release the broadcast rights to a total of 154 matches – 16 more than the current deal.

This will consist of seven packages, five packages of 26 matches and two packages of 12 matches. No single buyer will be allowed to buy more than five packages, or 116 matches, to allow for competition.

There will also be what the Premier League describes as "near-live" long-form packages, each containing 226 matches; one for broadcast and the other for on-demand presentation, and an internet-based package for all 380 matches.

The Premier League said that the packages would create "a more attractive and compelling offering for both broadcasters and fan, whilst allowing the continued protection of the Saturday 3pm 'closed window' and minimising further displacement of Premier League fixtures."

The Saturday 3pm "closed window" is an agreement whereby leagues and associations do not televise matches at the traditional time football is played in their country, in order to protect attendance and participation at all levels of the game.

No Saturday fixtures will be allowed to be shown live as part of the deal.

The Premier League said that, "both the live and "near-live" packages will be available for exploitation on a technology neutral basis", opening up exploitation across mobile and tablet devices. 

The current deal includes six packages of 23 matches and  is split between BSkyB, which holds five packages, and ESPN that holds one.

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