Rainey Kelly and Auntie Beeb: throughout the years

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has, once again, retained the BBC advertising account after a competitive pitch. Campaign takes a look at some of RKCR/Y&R's best ads for the broadcaster.

BBC "tapestry" by RKCR/Y&R

The spot, which supports local journalists, shows images of small towns and villages and is accompanied by a voiceover from Joanna Scanian, the actress who appeared in The Thick of It.

It was created by Mark Roalfe, Paul Angus and Ted Heath. The ad was directed by
Linnéa Bergman through Red Bee Media.

BBC One "nature" by RKCR/Y&R

The ad for the BBC’s coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics shows how the athletes will have to battle the harsh weather conditions in the competition. It features a voiceover from Charles Dance, who appears in Game of Thrones, as the voice of nature.

It was created by Barnaby Blackburn and Gustavo Kopit, and directed by Tomek Baginski through Stink and Red Bee Media. 

BBC digital radio "Endless dove" by RKCR/Y&R

The BBC launched a music video for Valentine’s Day 2013 and shows D Love serenading his pet dove with Endless Love. It was created by Al Brown and Algy Sharman, and directed by Peter Martin through Red Bee Media.

BBC One "it’s showtime" by RKCR/Y&R

The 2012 Christmas ad tells people about the festive TV schedule. It stars Rob Brydon and shows a producer trying to get the channel’s Christmas show together.

It was created by Algy Sharman, Al Brown, Steve Moss and Jo Finch. David Kerr directed it through Red Bee Media.

BBC 2012 "stadium UK" by RKCR/Y&R

The animation showcased the BBC’s coverage of the London Olympics in 2012. It was created by Damon Collins, Jules Chalkley, Nick Simons, Ted Heath and Paul Angus.

Pete Candeland directed it through Passion Pictures and Red Bee Media.

BBC One "a world of HD" by RKCR/Y&R

Launching the channel in HD in 2011, the spot stars June Brown, Lord Sugar and Bruce Forsyth taking part in glamorous activities.

The copywriter was Kim Hutcheson and it was art directed by Joe Fitzgerald. It was directed by Julz Lutz through Red Bee. 

BBC "weather" by RKCR/Y&R

The animated spot promoted the new BBC Weather site in 2010. It was aimed at 25 to 34-year-olds and ended with the line: "Be one step ahead of the weather."

It was created by Damon Collins, Mark Roalfe, Jerry Hollens and Mike Boles.

BBC "local radio" by RKCR/Y&R

The 2009 ad shows people hugging items around the country such as statues, trees, pillars in train stations and football goal posts. The soundtrack is a slowed down version of "Unchained Melody".

BBC "six nations" by RKCR/Y&R

The work is shot in the style of 300, the film about the Greek city of Sparta, to promoted the Rugby tournament in 2008. It was created by Mark Roalfe, Damon Collins, Kim Hutchenson and Joe Fitzgerald.

BBC Radio 2 "amazing music" by RKCR/Y&R

The ad features Russell Brand, the station’s DJ at the time, starting to play Losing My Religion by REM on a mandolin and accidentally breaks it.

It was created in 2007 by Paul Silburn. Steve Reeves directed it through Red Bee.