Record number of Americans tune in to Super Bowl

The Super Bowl's habit of setting viewing records continues (just) with 111.3 million viewers making this year's sporting showdown the most viewed television programme in US TV history.

The Super Bowl: attracts record-high viewing figures
The Super Bowl: attracts record-high viewing figures

According to The Nielsen Company, the Super Bowl TV audience on the NBC network history was slightly higher than last year's 111 million viewers.

The size of the Super Bowl's audience has now increased for seven years in a row, with a 23% boost since 2006, when 90.7 million tuned in.

The record for the most watched show in the US was held by the final episode of 'Mash' in 1983 with 106 million viewers, until the 2010 Super Bowl, which attracted 106.5 million.

NBC sold seventy ad spots for an average of $3.5m each, which is the highest average cost for a Super Bowl ad to date.

Brands running ads included Honda, Pepsi, Doritos, Chrysler and Samsung.

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Super Bowl Audience Figures
Year Audience (m)
2012 111.3
2011 111
2010 106.5
2009 98.7
2008 97.5