Revolution's top ten tweeters #9

LONDON - Taking inspiration from Follow Friday, every week Revolution attempts to help you get more from your microblogging experience by nominating some folk worth following in the digital world.

Revolution's Follow Friday
Revolution's Follow Friday


Master of all things HERD behaviour.

@SarahBeeny founder, just launched, for people looking to buy or sell a home without fees.


Derby County, content, digital. Pretty much in that order. Digitally inclined at


Strategist @ naked communications. secretly want to form the new a-team though.


Chief executive of eModeration and social media / ugc obsessive. Interested in social media, digital advertising, media and virtual worlds/MMOGs moderation and communites.


Designer, entrepreneur, curry-lover, reader of detective novels, watcher of fillums.


Director of strategy and communication at Freshegg. 15 year digital native, loving life, technology and sharing.


Dad, husband, evangelist for/author of The Power of the Network. Dir of social media @BrandoSocial. Innovation, efficiency, transformation thru social tech


Interactive video entrepreneur, welsh rugby fan, guitar hero, ceo of coull.


Bio director of client services / partner @ 7thingsmedia.

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NB: Follow Friday is the brainchild of @micah, blogger and vice president of business development for Lijit Networks.