Robinsons 'whats your juice' by BBH

BBH has created a new TV spot to promote Robinsons' new range of lunchbox-friendly drinks, Fruit Shoots.

Several talented youngsters take to the floor, as their peers look on in awe, to showcase a variety of skills.

Skippy is a schoolgirl who shows off her abilities with a skipping rope, aided by two friends in the school gym while Boxer performs a beatbox monologue to the delight of his enraptured audience in the school locker rooms.

Another boy displays his expertise and precision with a ping pong ball down the school corridors while in the final segment of the execution, a girl, Bex, passes a ball to Boots, who exhibits the talents of a professional football player as he masterfully manipulates the ball.

The main 60-second features all of the characters, while the four talents are also shown separately in four 20-second spots with each child promoting their "juice".