My Secret Work Weapon: I'm paper-free thanks to Goodreader iPad app

It's not a secret, but it is something that has transformed my working. It's an iPad app called Goodreader.

Andy Fennell, chief marketing officer, Diageo
Andy Fennell, chief marketing officer, Diageo

It allows full annotation of PDF files, which sounds dull, but it means I'm now genuinely paper-free.

I travel all around the world and laptops are heavy. As I need to scribble on documents, I once carried paper as well. Now, however, I can make notes using the app, and email the PDFs to people. It makes quite a difference to the volume of bags I have to carry through airports.

The app stores the files with my notes on. My PA then organises them, so when I need them again, I can find the last conversation I had with that country or team, with my notes.

Using Post-it notes on a screen never quite worked for me. This app simply lets you scribble on the screen and draw arrows, which I do with my finger, although there is the option to use a stylus.