Justin Skinner, vice-president of marketing, Cineworld
Justin Skinner, vice-president of marketing, Cineworld
A view from Justin Skinner, Vice-president of marketing, Cineworld

My secret work weapon: James Bond, Clive Woodward and the importance of positivity

It's a quote from 'The Spy Who Loved Me', where Bond is told a survival strategy: to 'have a positive mental attitude'. It's more of a life weapon, but I apply it to work.

As a marketer, I represent the customer, and in the leisure industry, it's about having fun and a positive experience. We're going through a customer-first programme, asking how to make our customers feel special and take the stress out of the cinema experience. So, a positive mental attitude is helping drive that strategy through.

Also, I try to bring my own energy and enthusiasm to my team. The positivity needs to be felt. In Sir Clive Woodward's book Winning, he writes about his mantra, that everyone is part of the team, and he didn't want any 'sappers' to take away energy and positivity.

Our end goal is putting the customer first and making Cineworld the favourite cinema in the UK. That positive thinking acts as a principle of success.