Sky+HD ad banned for free installation claim

LONDON - A TV ad for Sky TV's cut-price Sky+HD box has been banned because it did not make it clear that the offer price was only available to new customers.

The ad, by Digital & Direct Communications, promised free installation of the £49 box.

But the Advertising Standards Authority today upheld complaints that the ad did not make it clear that free installation was only available to new customers.

The ASA ruling said: "We considered that both new and existing Sky customers were likely to be interested in the offer. 

"We concluded that, in the context of the rest of the ad, the on-screen text… was not in itself sufficient to warn viewers that the offer of free standard installation was available to new customers only."

The ASA ordered that the ad not be shown again.

In the same ruling, the ASA rejected complaints that a related poster ad was misleading, and another complaint that the offer was not available as advertised.