Skyfire rolls out UK mobile browser

LONDON - The Skyfire mobile web browser is available for download in the UK and the company claims its internet speeds are the fastest in the market.

The browser advertises itself as the "real web" experience, with proprietary software that makes mobile browsing comparable to using a PC.

Free to download, Skyfire ensures users "will not encounter unrecognizable content, unfamiliar page layouts, or missing content, like they do with other mobile browsers."

The browser is compatible with any internet technology, including advanced Flash, Ajax, Silverlight and Java. It also supports Quicksilver, QuickTime and Windows Media video.

The beta version was successfully rolled out in the US and Canada in February and is available for a number of handsets, including most Nokia E or N phones.

Nitin Bhandari, Skyfire chief executive, said: "Consumers in the UK have been promised the 'real web' on their phone 'real fast' only to be disappointed by slow rendering, no Flash support, error messages, watered down WAP pages or second-rate mobile versions of their favourite site.

"Skyfire has remedied those ills at a speed not seen before on the mobile platform. By extending the PC web experience to mobile phones, we are fundamentally changing the way people use their phones."