Stella Artois 'apartomatic' by Mother

Stella Artois has launched a 1960s-inspired ad directed by Hollywood directors Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, and created by Mother.

The ad promotes the brand's premium 5% lager. The ad shows a man bringing a girl back to his apartment. When he leaves the room she plays around with gadgets in the hi-tech apartment and gets swallowed up by the sofa as a pint of Stella is poured.

When the man comes back and becomes aware that his companion has disappeared, but despite the girls muffled cries all he cares about is the pint of Stella that awaits him. The ad ends with the strapline 'She is a thing of beauty’. The ad was edited by Stephen Perkins and the production company was Moxie Productions. Audio post-production was by Factory.