Stella Artois invites drinkers to pull perfect pint online

LONDON – Drinkers who believe they could do better than the barman will have the opportunity to interact and attempt to pull the perfect pint of Stella Artois in the first ever global digital ad campaign for the brand.

The web experience called "L'etranger", meaning stranger, was created by Lowe Worldwide and invites visitors to the mysterious Le Cercle Bar et Brasserie, a classic bar set somewhere in the French speaking world, to try to pull the perfect Stella Artois.

This poses a challenge because there are nine distinctive steps in the so called "pouring ritual".

There are an infinite number of outcomes possible in "L'etranger" and visitors to the site can invite other people to share the online experience here.

Matthew Bull, creative director at Lowe Worldwide, said: "Today, we embark on a new dimension in our history.

"We're launching our first global digital advertising campaign for Stella Artois. It has all the familiar characteristics of a Stella Artois ad; the acting, the narrative, the sacrifice and the cinematic quality.

"But this time the audience can take part in the story -- as director and leading actor at the same time."

Natalia Balakireva, brand manager for Stella Artois at InBev, said: "This strategy gives us the necessary relevance and inherent qualities for the target audience to actively pursue the world of Stella Artois."

The digital campaign was developed by Lowe Worldwide, which coordinates the global advertising for Stella Artois, and Lowe Tesch, Lowe's digital advertising agency in Stockholm, Sweden.

The film for the ad was shot in Prague, Czech Republic by Stink Stockholm and directed by Swedish director Joakim Eliasson.

Art directors at Lowe Tesch are Patrik Westerdahl and Johan Tesch and copywriter is Cecilia Hogkvist.

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