Sun website traffic little moved by Sunday print launch

The Sun's website traffic increased 2.8% in April to 1.53 million average daily browsers, only slightly above its levels before the launch of its Sunday print edition, according to the latest ABC data.

The Sun: website traffic increases 2.8% in April
The Sun: website traffic increases 2.8% in April

The tabloid site was typically attracting around 1.45 million average daily browsers in the months before the arrival of the extra edition of the paper on 26 February.

It hit a high of 1.56 million that month before dropping back to 1.49 million in March.

April’s figures show the big two of the online newspaper sector, MailOnline and, once again outgunning the competition.

MailOnline’s daily average browsers jumped 4.4% from March to 5.65 million and’s figure increased 4.2% to 3.88 million.

They pushed ahead of, which dropped 3% to 2.34 million.

Among the smaller players Mirror Group Digital piled back on the audience after a couple of bad months following the relaunch of the Daily Mirror site in February.

Its daily average browsers surged 13.2% from March to 660,672, which is still down 25% from its January figure of 882,972 (its highest to date). managed to stay just ahead after an 8% boost on March to 695,992.

Its Evening Standard stablemate,, is down to just 110,611 after an 8.2% month-on-month fall, its lowest figure since 2009.

ABC multi-platform report
  April 2012 Daily change (%)
  Daily avg. Monthly total Mth/mth Yr/yr
MailOnline  5,653,577 90,309,252 4.42 57.22
Metro  335,390 8,049,098 2.32  n/a  110,611 2,518,207 -8.23  n/a  3,876,212 N/A 4.17 61.02
The Independent  695,992 15,043,267 8.02 18.76
Mirror Group Digital  660,672 13,682,364 13.17 4.69
The Sun  1,530,704 25,070,209 2.82  n/a
Telegraph  2,343,120 44,892,746 -3.04 21.24