Talk of the year: celebs, Big Brother, Facebook, careers and ads

LONDON - The best-read forums that received the most comments in Brand Republic during 2007 revolved around recurrent themes: reality TV, social networks and celebrities.

But there was much more to chat about than Big Brother, Facebook and what celebrity was starring in the latest supermarket commercial. There was a lot of talk on the threads about careers: advice to graduates, tips for those in mid-career and finally the elephant in the room (ageism).

And of course there were the ads to talk about: the big showcase ads (Sony Bravia, Guiness, Cadbury and BA), the controversial (MFI and Trident gum) and the irritating (too many to list).

And then there's the offbeat forums, such as Instructions for American Admen in Britain 2007.

Here are the top forums for 2007 ranked by the number of people who read them and made comments.

  1. Action For Ads: Sign our petition
  2. Emin's take on how Jonathan Durden is doing on Big Brother
  3. Facebook getting BANNED in Agencies
  4. 'Racist' Trident gum ad
  5. London 2012 branding - what's the verdict?
  6. Place your bets now...Who is going to win the Apprentice?
  7. Nominations: Irritating ad of the year
  8. Do Facebook and MySpace suffer from a class divide in the UK?
  9. The ten ads that changed advertising
  10. Jordan's son
  11. Can Facebook be commercialised?
  12. What next for Publicis?
  13. @ people complaining about the MFI ad
  14. Sky versus Virgin Media? Or Branson v Murdoch? Where's your money?
  15. Rate the new Sony Bravia ad
  16. Should ad agencies set out to shock?
  17. Are you buying an Apple iPhone?
  18. Big Brother's Emily thrown out in racism row
  19. Contest: worst celebrity/brand combos
  20. Are digital agencies coming unstuck?
  21. Mapping out a career in marketing
  22. Instructions for American Admen in Britain 2007
  23. Campaign i-Q: Asda or Tesco, who has done the best ad?
  24. Guinness is sinking. I know! Let's give them a website!
  25. The elephant in the room in advertising
  26. Has BBH started its descent with the new BA ad?
  27. Graduate Schemes
  28. Campaign i-Q: Do agencies pay grads enough?