Tango "St George"

Despite airing on national TV only 10 times, this ad for Blackcurrant Tango went on to win a string of awards and was named among the 100 Best Commercials of All Time.

The ad, in which Tango spokesman, Ray Gardner, responds to a letter of complaint from a French exchange student by leading a march to the White Cliffs of Dover, won a Cannes Gold, Silver Pencil from D&AD in 1998 and an ITV gold award at the BTAA.

Filmed in just three days, the ad climaxes with Gardner entering a boxing ring and challenging France, Europe and the rest of the world to take him on, backed up by three Harrier Jump Jets. It ends with the line, "I'm Ray Gardner, and I drink Blackcurrant Tango".

The ad appears to be a continuous shot, but in fact consists of tracking and helicopter shots from different days with different weather conditions with the locations seamlessly linked together. The sequence evolves through various screen styles building from low budget corporate video to a dramatic motion picture finale at the end.

The ad was created by agency Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury and directed by TV drama director Colin Gregg.

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