Tech viewpoint on mobile
A view from Graham Moysey

Tech viewpoint on mobile

Mobile is everywhere. This is the key theme for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - and, with consumer consumption of mobile media rising faster than ever (mobile is expected to hit 29 per cent of consumers' total time spent with media each day in 2016), it has never been a more relevant statement.

Of course, there is always a huge amount of excitement around the product and smartphone launches expected at the show, but MWC is about much more than new handsets.

With mobile adspend expected to rise 45 per cent this year in the UK, and with many leading agencies now hosting their annual reviews at or around the show, it has become one of the most important annual events for the media industry.

I’m delighted that this year we will be exhibiting for the first time at MWC and, in preparation, I have pulled together a list of the main issues and trends I expect to be dominating conversations on the show floor.

Mobile programmatic remains an untapped opportunity. This remains a huge potential growth area. The Internet Advertising Bureau surveyed more than 200 marketers last year and found that more than three-quarters believe programmatic mobile is important – but only 27 per cent had actually purchased mobile ads programmatically.

Mobile video consumption continues to rise. Mobile video consumption is predicted to grow significantly over the next two years – and, with it, mobile video ad engagement. According to analysis from our mobile platform, mobile video ads garner nearly five times the engagement rates of standard mobile banners. It is therefore becoming more important than ever to bring sight, sound and motion to consumers’ screens on the go.

Mobile web is not enough. Consumers now spend an average of three hours on a smartphone per day. And with 84 per cent of all smartphone time spent in-app, it is becoming increasingly critical for brands, advertisers, marketers and agencies to engage audiences in this environment. This is where the growth and opportunity will be in the next five years.

Better creative is the key to ad-blocking. We must accept the fact that ad-blocking is a signal from consumers that digital advertising can be a lot better. Ad-blocking is a very significant opportunity, and a significant risk if you choose to ignore it.

Data is more important than ever. It’s not new news that data is king, but it’s more important than ever in reaching audiences. The unique behavioural data from mobile allows advertiser and publisher partners an even greater view of audience behaviour across screens and multiple platforms.

With mobile giving the industry a real shake-up, it’s an exciting time to be in media. I, for one, look forward to seeing and hearing what the industry has
to make of it all at MWC.

Graham Moysey is the head of international at AOL