Telefónica Móviles 'love, movie' by Y&R Peru

Y&R Peru has created a print campaign for mobile company, Telefónica Móviles, communicating the significance of of the relationship people have with their mobile phones.

A stream of consciousness about the intense relationship we share with our mobile phones is communicated in the shape of a heart in one image and eyeballs in the other.

The campaign highlights the extent to which people use their mobiles and the feelings they express via this technology.

The text in the heart ad compare Shakespeare's romantic couples to the pairing of a person and his/her mobile phone and deduce that Romeo and Juliet have nothing on the latter's capacity for intimacy.

The eyeballs protest at the rule in cinemas that mobile phones be turned off during the film and contain further text asking: "Is it fair for my cell not to watch a movie in the theater?"

The campaign's strap line reads "Technology is cold only if you don't use it. Communicate more." urging people to utilise their mobile phones more and maintain the lines of communication.