Television: looks to TV to become 'go to' choice

CASE STUDY - debut use of TV to give it an awareness boost led to a 70% increase in bookings. targeted brand awareness rise to 46% targeted brand awareness rise to 46%

A TV campaign made the online brand's PPC strategy more profitable and instantly more "famous" – bookings increased by 70% and web visits by 49%.

The challenge had never advertised on TV before, but stiff competition from rivals with bigger media spends had forced it to reassess its media strategy.

With the likes of and investing heavily in both TV and pay-per-click (PPC), there was a fear that unless it raised its game, would become "out of sight, out of mind". While it had used PPC, press and digital campaign elements before, it needed to add a new medium to boost brand awareness.

Against an overall aim to establish the brand as the "go to" choice for accommodation booking, wanted to deliver a profit of £10m and raise brand awareness to 46% (from 38% in the previous year).

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