Thinkbox commissions study into online TV potential

LONDON - TV marketing body Thinkbox has commissioned a research study into the developing online TV market to provide insight about its potential for advertisers.

Thinkbox seeks insight into VoD potential for advertisers
Thinkbox seeks insight into VoD potential for advertisers

Thinkbox has commissioned Work Research to undertake the study, with preliminary results expected in autumn this year and full results in early 2009.

The research will look at how consumers are using online TV services and how attitudes towards online TV compare with attitudes towards linear broadcast TV. The launch of the research comes as services such as the BBC iPlayer, Sky Player, and Demand Five gather pace.

The research will look at differences in viewing patterns between broadcast TV and online TV; how watching TV online affects engagement; the role of catch-up TV across different programme genres; the relationship between broadcast and online content, and how the online TV advertising market is likely to develop.

Qualitative research will study a group of current non-users as they start using online TV services, alongside a group who use catch-up video-on-demand. It will also focus on how a particular programme that is both broadcast and online is consumed, and whether attitudes to the programme are different in any way.

A quantitative online study will explore the motivations behind using online TV services and will analyse respondents' views of advertising around online TV content, testing different ad formats. Thinkbox will work with broadcasters and agencies to help develop this side of the study.

David Brennan, research and strategy director at Thinkbox said the research would "help advertisers understand how [online TV] can be integrated effectively with their broadcast TV campaigns".

Meanwhile, Thinkbox is also gearing up for a TV and advertising event exploring brands and TV viewing. The event, entitled "Televisionaries: The Thinkbox Forum 2008", will run on Thursday 20 November, in London.