Tooheys 'harvesTED' by BMF

Developed in collaboration with long-term creative partner, BMF, this ad firmly anchors Tooheys' Extra Dry message -- that the desire for the clean, crisp taste of TED is worth going to extraordinary lengths to be satisfied.

Steve Ayson, whose short film was recently selected for Cannes and who is currently in preproduction for his first feature, directed the TV spot, with post-production and effects handled by Animal Logic, the team behind current international cinema hit '300'.

HarvesTED's music was composed exclusively for the TVC and is an original score comprising samples and recorded tracks created by Aussie band, Decoder Ring.

This ad features Tooheys Extra Dry's fantastical farm, pod people, bizarre machinery and rockabilly quiffs; aiming to show Toohey's customers what lengths owner Lion Nathan goes to in order to make this product.