Arron Crascall shows us his moves
Arron Crascall shows us his moves
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Top branded Vines of the month: Sony, McDonald's and Lottery Good Causes

Marketing, with the help of social media experts Unruly, showcases three must-watch branded Vines of the month. This time round we've selected 70's music, 70's...

On July 1st 1979, the world of personal music was changed forever, as Sony gave us the Walkman. It  created mini-DJs (pirates) out of most of us, as we spent hours recording reels of music from the radio onto cassettes, in a bid to make the perfect mix-tape for on the go.

1974 McDonald's first opened shop in the UK. Mork & Mindy and Happy days were the best things on the box and we had no idea what those little yellow Minions were, thankfuly. Red-faced Alexander Holtti is set to change that with his 'stuck in the 70's" sponsored vine. 

A century earlier, but still in the 70s, the first ever Wimbledon Championships event took place (1877).  Ever since England has been marking the event with let-down after let-down, topped up with strawberries and cream. To mark the £3.75m that Lottery Good Causes has raised to help support talented players, they have created this looping tennis vine. Another round of strawberries anyone?