Travelocity/Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

For those of us over 30, quality travel will always be associated with one man, which is why Travelocity's latest campaign with the godlike Alan Whicker is a hit. A woman is alone in her office when she hears music emanating from her desk. She opens the drawer only to find Alan inside telling her that Travelocity will search 700 airlines to help her "jet off out of here". A couple are enjoying a hot spring bath only to find Alan in the middle of it "risking water up the wahoola to say well done to these whirlpoolers for choosing Travelocity". Very simple and amazing, it manages to get the message across without trying too hard. The ads were written by Ben Tollett and art directed by Emer Stamp. Media was planned and bought by Klondike and Universal McCann respectively.