UK's first online pawnbroker launches TV ads

LONDON - Pawnbroking is entering the world of DRTV with an ad campaign launched today by, which is geared up to serve customers via post, phone and online. has taken spots on Channel 4, Bravo, Living and all of the main Sky channels in a campaign booked by AMS.

The animated ad was created by Walker Agency and paints as the alternative to selling possessions, highlighting its web address and freephone number. The company is also running online direct response ads.

The campaigns, combined with the discreetness of's service, will help reach people who have not used pawnbrokers before, the company's founder chief executive Paul Aitken inferred.

Aitken said: "Significantly, a large proportion of our customers have not borrowed money in this way before. The process is simple, transparent and discreet and with the best rates in the industry and we see TV as playing an important and ongoing part in further increasing our profile.

The company was founded last year as an alternative to the retail model of pawnbroking, dominated by chains such as Albermarle & Bond and Harvey & Thompson.

It claims to be issuing new loans each month at a level that is equivalent to the average high street pawnbrokers' entire loan book.

It offers a home collection service and also accepts items via special delivery. It has also opened a face-to-face valuation centre in the City of London for city-based clients.