Vauxhall - Lowe

Immensely entertaining spot for the Vauxhall Meriva and Zafira as two "grown-up" kids discuss their families, mirroring the way proud parents talk to each other about their children. The humour is spot on, delivering a nicely written comedy exchange as one kid asks "how old are your two now?" to which the other replies "35 and 36" and "not much between them". The way the kids get on with their adult duties clearing up and washing the cars down is very confidently done, down to one child despairing as his dad has to rush back in for the loo before they set off -- "typical, someone hasn't been to the toilet". The ads were written and art directed by Tom Hudson and Lee Goulding and were shot by Paul Weiland of The Paul Weiland Film Company. Media planning and buying is through Initiative Media.