Virgin Holidays 'Get More' by Kittcat Nohr Alexander Shaw

Kitcatt Nohr has devised two executions for the Virgin Holidays Get More TV campaign: a 40 second brand awareness ad and a 10 second offer-led advert. The first TV ad execution celebrates the exciting range of activities available to Virgin Holidays' customers and is set in a hotel room overseas with an animated couple attempting to pack their suitcase at the end of their stay. They begin to fill their case with all manner of things that make up a fantastic holiday experience, firstly some beach towels, a snorkel and flippers. This is followed by the unexpected sight of the couple cramming their suitcase with outlandishly large items such as, a pair of skis, a sun lounger, a lion and a palm tree.  Finally a dolphin jumps out of nowhere into the case, followed by a hot air balloon which has to be squished to fit into the couple's case. The voice over line at the end of the ad says; 'Wherever you go, get more at'