Volkswagen readies email 'driving' campaign

Volkswagen is launching an email campaign later this week to promote its range of cars, using typography that encourages the viewer to scroll and steer the message across the screen.

VW: readies email campaign
VW: readies email campaign

Created by Proximity London, the campaign will send out 18 different mails, one for each of its products, containing £500 discount offers and invitations for test-drives.

The emails are too wide to fit onto computer screens so viewers must scroll the page to the right to reveal the whole message.

A brief story is told about each car, using the copy as a road that the reader must follow. At the end of the message, viewers are invited to test-drive the cars for themselves.

Each email reflects a different car – bright colours are used for the Beetle and a dark night drive has been created for the upmarket Phaeton.

The email push forms part of a wider multi-channel campaign that will run over the coming nine months. Further messages will be targeted at potential consumers who are researching their choice of cars.

Volkswagen, last month, launched a new iPhone app by DDB, which allows users to customise their cars.