VW Golf 'changes' by BMP

No ad from the 80s better captured the materialistic spirit of the decade than BMP's "Changes" spot for the Volkswagen Golf.

The commercial told a perfectly-judged story to support the endline: "If only everything in life were as reliable as a Volkswagen".

It opens with a gorgeous-looking Paula Hamilton storming out of her lover's mews house in the early morning, tossing aside house keys, ring, pearls and fur coat as she does so.

Only when she gets to the point of dropping the car keys down the drain does pragmatism take over and she ends up driving away in a Golf.

The pace of the plot is set by Alan Price singing Changes, a song he wrote for his friend, Zoot Money, when his marriage broke up.

This ad was taken from the Arrows Archive. The archive, administered by the History of Advertising Trust, is composed of all ads nominated for the British Television Advertising Awards since 1977.