The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Do you feel disenchanted with TV?

While I think software like the iPlayer is great, I would never watch TV on my mobile. Why would you want to squint at a tiny three-inch screen when you can just wait and watch it at home in HD? - Sarah Lambe

Bad scheduling is my biggest gripe about TV. Entourage - midnight, ITV2. Great show, but why bother if you don't give anyone a chance to watch it at a normal hour? Pushing Daisies - Saturday night is wrong, wrong, wrong. Midweek at 9pm is sensible. - Mark Smith

Other than footie, there is nothing I want to watch live. Everything else is recorded on Sky+, which means that multiple TV channels that I might sample content from become increasingly less relevant as brands. - James Walters

Terrestrial channels haven't improved the quality of their content much in the past few decades, but the channels that cater for niche audiences with special interests are a great refuge. - Joanne Hughes

I'm getting disenchanted by the less-than-subtle product placement. If the ads start being replaced by products in the shows, I think I won't be able to watch for cringeing every time we see an over-close-up of a watch when a character checks the time. - Kirsty Stevenson

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