The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Is Guinness right to attack sexy 'fake' viral?

Amazing the power of brands. It's a really fun viral, albeit too long. But it's a win/win situation for Diageo.

Are you people crazy?! How is it a "win/win" for Diageo? Do you really think they want to be associated with group sex? Of course they don't. I'd imagine they are rightly fuming about the brand damage this will do. - Roger OThornhill

Any publicity is good publicity - the fact that Diageo have created such a fuss over this ad simply means more awareness and more views by the prying public. I suppose it has to be seen to "stand up for the brand", but it is essentially rubbing its hands together at the prospect of some fab, free advertising. - Greg Smith

There's no way Guinness/Diageo had anything to do with making this ad. Diageo is the leader in responsible marketing of alcohol, and the global repercussions of making something like this would be immense. Diageo and all alcohol manufacturers are in an ongoing battle to be allowed to advertise their products at all in numerous countries and something like this could only harm their efforts to do so. The small (possible) benefit to its brand with a niche group of lads who enjoy this would be completely outweighed by the damage to its business as a whole. - Dan Plant

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