The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Is there too much violence in advertising?

Generally speaking, there's not a lot of violence in UK advertising.

The storm over the Shoot 'Em Up posters is bit of a knee-jerk reaction to the terrible spate of murders of young people that we've experienced this year. I seem to remember there was a fuss about the orange Tango man slapping that gormless bloke on its commercials ten years ago, too. And while I understand the argument that the cumulative effect of "glamorising" guns (or in this case, showing them very large on bus-stop posters) affects everyone who encounters them, I think that's way too simplistic. Gun violence in the young is caused by a lack of role models, easy access to drugs and/or alcohol, poor education standards, etc. Film posters? A scapegoat. - Richard Hayter

The pony-tail brigade should spend an afternoon with a mother whose son has been shot. - Eric Carter

More than ads, just see what happens in cartoon shows that are supposed to be funny and hence safe for kids. The violence is too much for young impressionable minds. - R R

It's not the ads that are violent necessarily, it's the films or games they're promoting. To blame advertising is to miss the point entirely. - David Tiltman

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